With applications in:

  • Sports Medicine

  • Professional Athletics

  • Weight Rooms

  • Locker Rooms

  • Dining Services

airPHX enhances any Sports Medicine protocols by removing dangerous germs from a treatment space

Athletes can breathe easy in an airPHX clean environment. Flu bugs won't threaten your postseason if viruses are killed in the air where you train!

Keep gym equipment clean with airPHX patented technology. airPHX clean air will kill bacteria on surfaces of gym equipment!

Does your locker room have a distinct smell? Use airPHX to kill odor-causing bacteria!

airPHX can treat any sized space, from large gyms to small locker rooms

With applications in:

  • Hospitals; ER and ICU

  • Geriatric Care

  • Outpatient Facilities

  • Dental Offices,

  • Medical Device Storage

  • Schools & Public Transit

In high-traffic areas of a hospital, such as the ER, germs can spread from patient to patient and cause HAIs. Prevent the spread of germs with airPHX clean air!

Geriatric facilities can be breeding grounds for germs. When your patients are more susceptible to flu bugs, use airPHX clean air to eliminate germs in the air and on surfaces

airPHX represents a fascinating new way to clean up classrooms. Kids are more likely to spread germs unintentionally, but airPHX can bring germs down to zero overnight!

HAIs can develop as a result of surgery with improperly sanitized devices. Kill microbes on the surface of every scalpel, and in the air we breathe to stop HAIs.

Medical devices have been known to harbor germs even after intensive sanitizing. Use airPHX to shore up your defenses against HAIs.